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I am an amateur photographer, but have previously shot for: Vital MX, Dirt Rider Magazine, Keefer Inc., and FXR Racing on numerous occasions. I know my worth and do not give away my photos for free. If you can ride something worth thousands of dollars, you can afford to spend a few dollars for an edited photo.

IMPORTANT: For those inquiring for the purchase of photos, know that not all photos taken are usable so I might not have one of you to be purchased. If you are curious as to whether or not I have a photo of you, use the contact form located under the "Contact Me" tab and provide a brief description of the gear that you were wearing and the bike that you were riding so I can browse my hard drive to see if I took any usable photos of you. From there, I will e-mail you back with a horribly unedited and pixelated image so you can decide whether or not you want to go ahead with the purchase. If you decide that you want the photo, I will proceed to edit it then e-mail the finished photo back to you upon receipt of payment.

*I use PayPal for photo purchases. My direct PayPal link is below:*

Pricing is as follows:

-1 photo- $10.00.

-2 photos- $18.00.

-3 photos $25.00.

-Private shoot: Up to 3 riders for 3 hours- $150.00 w/o strobes (artificial lighting). 3-4 hours with strobes, $200.00.

-8x10 print- $15.00

-13x19 print- $25.00

*I am a college student with a full-time job so I do not have much free time, but I am available for hire on the weekends for a reasonable fee. Use the contact form under the "Contact Me" tab with a description of your needs to get a quote.*